ProSkin 30

A bespoke treatment targeting key concerns for maximum impact on minimum time 




Power Peel

Using AHAs & BHAs to target lines, uneven skin tone, or breakouts, this treatment is perfect or those who need a little extra kick 



Add LED Light                                           $115


An exfoliating treatment that also removes the 'peach fuzz' (soft hair) from the face. Leaving you with bright, hydrated, glowing skin.





Gentle exfoliation, that aids in the cell turn over, revealing brighter hydrated skin 




Hollywood Peel 

Exfoliates & Resurfaces to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores & acne. 


Add Infusion                                                          $199

LED Light Therapy 

 Light Emitting Diodes uses various wavelengths to stimulate the cells for a range of skin concerns. 


ProSkin 60

A facial designed to get results as well as completely relax, this treatment includes a facial massage, and the ability to use machines to target your main concerns 


Pro Eye Flash 

A powerful add on treatment that helps tone, smooth & brighten the eye contour through infusion of botanical actives.


Dermaplanning & Peel 

Dermaplanning treatment, with the extra exfoliation of a peel to get next level results. Not suitable for first time.



Non-chemical form of exfoliation, to remove dead skin cells and reveal, healthier, younger looking skin. 


Collagen Induction Therapy 

Using microchannels & Dermapen's latest technology this treatment rejuvenates, repairs & revitalises your skin at a cellular level. 


Add Uber Peel                                            $205

LA Lift                                                         $205

LA Lift with Uber Peel                               $240

Flower Petals