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Cancellations - we send out a confirmation text 48 hours prior to your appointment that requires you to reply with “YES” in order to confirm your appointment. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice in order to cancel or change an appointment otherwise this results in a cancellation fee incurring of 25% your treatment cost and your deposit being lost. This is due to having such little notice, it’s difficult to fill your space with another client in less than 24 hours.


Late clients - due to the industry we are in, Please understand that your appointment time was set aside just for you. Appointments made within the clinic mean that we’ve reserved space, time and a therapist specifically for you. We run on a tight schedule to ensure all our clients get their treatments done on time to work with both ours and their schedule. If possible, we may offer a 15 minute window past your appointment time however this is subject to whether there is availability and if your assigned therapist can ensure they can still do the treatment up to standard. This is cause we don’t want to rush the quality of what we do as we take pride in our work and want to provide the best quality of all treatments we offer. Arriving late will incur a late fee of $10 and if it’s not possible to offer the 15 minute window your appointment will be classed and charged as a no show.


No shows - clients who don’t show up to their appointment will be charged a no show fee of 50% their treatment cost and lost off deposit. This will need to be paid before any new appointments are made. RIGHT TO


Refuse service - The safety of our staff and our clients is our top priority. As such, the clinic reserves the right to refuse service to anyone if we feel that they pose a health or safety risk. This includes but is not limited to contagious illness (such as a new, continuous cough or a fever), or rude/ obnoxious behaviour. We understand that sometimes certain things are out of your control and emergencies do happen. Cancellations and no shows have a significant impact on our business and we hope that you can understand our need to enforce this policy.


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